Product Description

Muir Data Systems is developing a Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) designed specifically for the wind energy industry.

Features of the software include:

  • Wind Specific CMMS Developed from the start  for wind turbine maintenance management  software modules for each subsystem ensure ease of data entry  developed with direct feedback from indsutry leading wind professionals
  • Mobile Mobile devices allow CMMS to be directly used by field technicians with a level of effectiveness not previously available
  • Cloud-based Data is safely stored at an offsite server location  reduced IT costs  greater accessability  improved service reliability  eliminates scaling issues as organizations grow
  • Software as a Service Software maintenance and updates completely transparent to users  lower initial costs  ability to pay as you go  improved security  platform independence  saves time
  • Flexibility Ability to connect to other databases used in the wind industry,  SCADA, ERP, accounting, wind forecasting
  • Efficiency Saves technicians time in the field  streamlines office workflow  more accurate maintenance records  optimal work order management  reduced inventory costs  improved root cause analysis
  • Data Aggregation – Choice to opt-in to anonymous large scale data aggregation collaborative  sophisticated maintenance management analytics  detailed data sharing interface options
  • Stress Relief More informed decision making  confirms industry best practices with supporting data  clarifies areas for maintenance process improvement  useful dashboards at every level of information flow
  • Impact Greater wind turbine uptime  reduced cost of maintenance  increased employee safety  overarching goal of making wind energy more cost competitive with fossil fuels

These benefits are made possible by starting with a mobile device in the field such as a tablet and then using the dedicated wind turbine subsystem software modules to digitally intake the maintenance events.  Using the CMMS infrastructure and database, the data is moved through the maintenance organization to pertinent parties for review and stored on a remote server.  From the server, the information can then be shared through APIs to other useful databases that are typically used in the wind industry.

MDS Information Flow

Muir Data Systems Complete Wind Maintenance Management Solution

Muir Data Systems aims to bring wind turbine maintenance management into the 21st century such that we can all benefit from clean and increasingly cost competitive wind energy.