Wind Industry Work Order Information Flow Survey


Through a wide variety of activities and interactions, Sandia National Laboratories has observed limited adoption of electronic work orders in the wind industry. To explore the current use of work orders in the wind industry, the Continuous Reliability Enhancement for Wind (CREW) team at Sandia commissioned Muir Data Systems to develop and execute a survey on the topic.

The report summarizes the responses and findings from that survey, including an overview of the work order information flow and assessments of the field, office, storage, and reporting aspects of work order use. This report is one of the steps in driving a culture change toward the electronic collection of accurate work order data and the development of a “full data picture” for the wind industry.

The survey broke the maintenance management process into four steps which included

  1. Field – How inspection and/or repair data is recorded by technicians
  2. Office – How the office processes work orders and with what other office systems work order data is shared
  3. Storage – How and where completed work orders are stored and how often they are accessed to inform future maintenance decisions
  4. Reporting – What analysis tools are used to generate what kinds of work order reports

Download: Wind Industry Work Order Information Flow Survey (PDF)

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